About Jenny Machalicek

Would it be easier to buy a home if your Realtor was also your Mortgage Broker?
Would it be better to have just ONE person to work with for your purchase?
Would it feel better to have someone who really understood how things work, work for you?
You’re smart to say, “Yes!” And I’m that person to assist you.

I attribute my success to my passion for helping people. My business has grown successfully
and consistently thanks to the repeat business of happy clients and their introduction to friends,
family, neighbors and coworkers. This track record is only possible because I deliver both
results AND and enjoyable experience.

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, I’ve spent my last 20+ years in Texas learning some to temper
my Northern tenacity. I am a “Mama Bear” for my clients, taking them under my care for long
after keys change hands. I will turn down a paycheck before I will let my clients enter into a
contract that isn’t suitable. There is no room for settling in my world; I won’t let you settle, either.
I became passionate about Real Estate and Financing after I bought my first home. As a
Manufacturing Control Analyst, it was really important for me to know the ‘why’s, and I often
could not get an answer. I first earned my Mortgage license, as I feel your financing is the key
to your home purchase. After a year, I wanted to know exactly what my clients were being told
by their agents; so I obtained the education and tested for my Texas Real Estate Sales Agent

I love working with First Time Home Buyers! I enjoy knowing that you have become confident in
the process, and even more, that you trust me with this huge moment in your life.
My Clients will tell you that I keep my 3 promises to them:
1. I will be brutally honest
2. I will be on time
3. I will keep my word

I am proud to work with buyers and sellers in our area. I strive to deliver the highest level of
integrity and commitment, and to also bring a little fun into every transaction. While working in
partnership with you, I pay close attention to understand your needs to best represent your
interests. With me, we will realize your Real Estate goals quickly and positively. Don’t miss
learning why you should call our home town your home town, too! Contact me at 972-989-4786

Jenny Machalicek
Certified Mortgage Advisor